Laws and Loopholes

Gun Safety Becomes Key Issue in Senate Race


Jaime Harrison, the challenger to Lindsay Graham in the Senate, will speak on at a virtual campaign event with former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords.

Though South Carolina is a gun-friendly state, Harrison has attacked Graham's record of inaction on pushing for expanded background checks and other legislation to curb gun violence. He specifically attacked Graham for failing to introduce legislation that would close the Charleston loophole.

Pundits say Harrison will have to tread lightly on the issue of gun control to oust Graham in the fall.

Harrison's campaign spokesperson stated gun violence is a personal issue for Harrison, who was friends with a victim of the Charleston AME shooting.

Graham has been vague about his support for any legislation, stating he is a "strong supporter of the Second Amendment for law-abiding citizens." However, he fails to show any concern for firearm sales to individuals deemed dangerous under the law.

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