Effects of Gun Violence

Woman Awarded $175K For Wrongful Death of Husband


Cheryl Inabenet filed a wrongful death suit against the police for the shooting death of her estranged husband, Joseph Inabenet when cops were called to their house for a domestic incident.

Joseph brandished a BB gun, and cops fired a total of 29 bullets at him. A coroner found Joseph was under the influence at his time of death, and his death was ruled a suicide by provocation.

In the suit filed against Greenville county, Cheryl argued the cops came to the home with prior knowledge that her estranged husband was mentally unstable, and they had shown up to him with a BB gun at her house previously.

The suit argued the deputies out to have resolved the situation peacefully, given the victim's past. They were cleared of any criminal wrongdoing.

Inabinet's attorney said the payout is not nearly enough to make up for the loss the family endured.

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